Price: Free
Developer: Grailr LLC
Type: Health & Fitness
Monetization: In-App purchases & ads

A lot of good things in this app... first of all, the idea to take an app and use a twist to it - insulting the user when he doesn't meet up to the standards, mocking him.... these things takes guts. But it unique, and it makes a big difference from all the other apps that try to flatter the user. This is a different kind of motivation!

Also it uses 2 type of monetization tools that work together well. If you go over your calorie limit for the day, the app will accept a bribe of an in-app purchase to pretend it never happened. If you decline, you’re shown more ads as punishment.

UI is great, UX is very good. Food database is big....I think this app is definitely going to be a success.