Very important issue that nobody talks about - how to answer the reveiwers on Google Play that review your apps. On Google Play, you get to answer them! I think not a lot of developers use this opportunity to engage with the users.
so, this article suggests 7 types of app reviews and how to respond to them:

  1. The Superfans - the ones that really really love your app
  2. The Tweeters - very short reviews
  3. The Space Cases - unclear reviews
  4. The Haters - always unhappy
  5. The Browsers - short-term experience
  6. The Spammers - users who try to promote their own apps/agenda
  7. The Techies - know a lot about the technical aspects of the app world

Each type of reviewer should be handled in a different way. This can lead to more satisfied users and better reviews down the road.

All the ways on how to answer each type of reviers - you can find here: