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  • @tapmedia-ltd I'm not sure you enough data here to answer your question.
    Where are your users coming from? What ountries? and How often will they use your app?

    The real question is how many DAU you will have (Daily Active Users).

    But... very very generally speaking - about 200K installs bring me about $5,000 per month. So 2M can potentially bring about $50K, per month, if used correctly.

    Hope this helps. I'd be happy to hear from Appnext about this as well.

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  • @tapmedia-ltd Sorry, typing mistake.
    200K installs = $5,000
    2M = $50,000

    Having siad that, I'm an Android developer. So the amounts on iOS may be higher. Even signifacantly higher. Depends on many factors., like I said...

  • @tapmedia-ltd You should definitely generate higher revenues from 10M MAU. There are currently over 400 advertisers actively acquiring users from developers in the platform, where avg pay per user in US on iOS is $1.83. Our best recommendation would be to integrate app install ads as part of the app natural user experience (native ads) but we will be happy to brainstorm ideas with you. Someone from our team will get in touch via email too.
    cc @appnext

  • @tapmedia-ltd Have you had a chance to talk to someone from the team? You mind sending your contacts via msg and will make sure to communicate

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