• Huge new advertiser at Appnext - Best Fiends posted

    We are very happy to promote such a cool game on our paltfrom!

    Best Fiends was created by 2 Rovio Execs, with the aim to create a real franchise around the characters. Best Fiends is the first game of a trilogy, the other 2 will be released in 2015. 'Seriously' already raised $10M in funding. Most of these funds will go to development and user acqusition.
    They invested a lot in the development of the game and are now investing a lot in UA.

    Target market - US first, then the rest of the world. Android version will be released next month.

    This game, promoted by Fetch, one of the world's leaders in mobile advertising, presents a great opprtunity to any iOS publishers, and soon to Android publishers as well.

    OS: iOS
    Price: Free
    Developer: Seriously
    Type: Games
    Monetization: IAP

    Simpe game to play, with extreme percision and absolutely amazing UX and graphics. This game can become a huge hit in the app store. I recommend all developers to check it out, get inspired and run it in your inventory.

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  • Awsome game. Greatest UX I've seen in a long time..

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