• Word Hack - from idea to success posted

    OS: iOS
    Price: Free
    Developer: BlueLabel Labs
    Type: Game – Word
    Monetization: In-App-Purchase

    Another great lesson about how to take a basic idea and turn it into a stunning app and a massive hit in the appstore. We interviewed the company and heard about the complete road from idea to success. Read the entire story here.

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  • Thse is a great game, I agree. Hangman is one of the worst game genres on mobile - everybody is doingt them. Good for them for finding a new way to entertain the users. I envy them.

  • I don't agree.

    I mean, it's a great game, but working so hard with such an elaborate algorithm for this result has a very slim chance to be worth the effort. It's great that they managed to become a hit, but I woudln't take that risk.

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