• Dubify - Automatically mashes up your videos to dubstep posted

    OS: IOS
    Price: Free
    Developer: Rory O'Logan
    Type: Video, Entertainment
    Monetization: ads, IAP

    Dubify transforms your everyday videos into dubstep-synced clips perfect for sharing.

    • Not a serious video tool but creates some pretty funny videos.
    • Easy to use, if your lazy just hit random!
    • Lots of video effects, Rewind, loop, slowmo, flip and more.
  • I like the idea! but give us a link so we can test it for ourselves!

  • Links:
    For the app:

    For the developer:

    Rory - I'd suggest putting some info about yorself in your landing page. Like a twitter page or other stuff you've created, if possible.

    But other than that, the app itself looks sharp, it does exactly what it says and with a very nice UX. Love it!

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  • Thanks for the positive feedback on the app and also the helpful note about the website. Will fix it ASAP

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