Very interesting article about scaling your marketing efforts in a short period of time, while using the right tools.

Main steps to take:

  1. Prep work - preparation before the app launches:
    Claim social media accounts.
    App name & description
    Create a user persona to get clear on your target audience
    Implement analytics and behavioural tracking
    Set up a basic website with a blog to promote your app and encourage sharing
    Do some keyword research to find the most effective keywords (App Store Optimisation)
    Open Apple Developer account/Google Play developer account
    Set up a free MailChimp account to collect emails and keep people in the loop

  2. Identifying key traffic sources:
    Find traffic sources
    Create a media list
    Find relevant bloggers

  3. Building relationships:
    Getting in touch
    Planting the seed

  4. Pitching your story:
    Securing yourt story
    Contorlling timing

  5. Activate your network

Overall, very good tips and a nice strategic approach to app marketing. I definitely recommend it.

Full article here: