• Welcome screen ad released! posted

    Hi everyone,

    We publicly released a new ad format - wlecome ad, via SDK, to Android developers. Instead of the regular interstitial, it welcome the user to the app and shows him an appwall. The color and text are costumizable. You can find all the instructions here:

    If anyone has already experienced this ad in his app and wants to share his information with others, this is just the place to do so. Let's hear some feedback!

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  • It's only been 5 days since we launched it, but my experience has been quite good so far:

    eCPM - $3.5. With interstitial it used to be about $2.6.
    Retention - in the past 5 days I see 20% less uninstalls! I don't know if it's because of the welcome ad or not. Will check further. But it does seem nice when the yser sees a welcome message and not just an ad. So far so good.

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