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    Market research is the first step before.... well, anything. You have to know what you are facing.

    Steps for market research:

    1. App Store trends - browse the app stores look for Top Grossing as well as Free - some Free apps generate a lot of income from In-App Purchases. Check Tablet apps as well as Samrtphone apps.
    2. Future teands - use Google Trends or Apptrace to understand better which trends are seasonal and which ones are not.
    3. Initial marketplace assessment - acutally deciding who you want to target as a potential user of your app.
    4. Refining user profile - to better understand where you can locate and engage with them.
    5. Finding a micro-niche - where your app can thrive.
    6. Competitors - analyze them individually.

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  • Excellent post.

    A lot of developers think that 'market research' is simply browsing the app store, looking for similar apps. There's a lot to it than that.

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  • I agree.

    These are the steps you need to take. There are additional steps, but these are the minimum.

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