• I want the individual description page for each offer apps. posted

    I want the individual description page for each offer apps.
    We are using the "appnext" API to display Apps on our website and all the apps are display on one page and user will be able to go to download link of any app from this page.
    But we want user to go to individual description/detail page for each single apps and from description page user will be able to go to download link for that apps.Is it possible via API and how can we do this? Can we display the description page for each apps?

  • Hi Pearlike2,

    Our API provides the following fields:

    1. app title
    2. app description
    3. app category
    4. app image URL
    5. app download URL
    6. app package (for Android)
    7. app CPI rate
    8. app index score

    From what i understand; you are interested in sending your users to a description page (for each app), and directing them to the market from there.
    This functionality is not supported by API, as we do not provide description pages per app.
    You can alternatively generate your own description page and to dynamically create it with the description text and images from the market. You can use the provided app package to find the app's listing on the market. This will require some additional programming from you.

    Director of Product, Appnext

  • but how we fetch individual apps listing parameters with the help of API on our description page?

  • what i suggested was that you create a script for pulling the additional information from the play store.
    you can add the package parameter received for each app in the API here: ****package****

    One other way is that you will create an appwall made of offers that are displayed using app icon and app title, and when the user will click on an offer; you can open a new page or extend the offer view to show the description and a download link. Just keep in mind that the description received through the API is not very long..

    Director of Product, Appnext

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