• Best 7 online sources for App UI & design posted

    Look no more.

    If you are having trouble with creating the UI for your next app or simply looking for ideas or inspiration, this will get you some answers. You simply HAVE to check out these sources.

    Personally I used 5 of these resoucres. as for the last 2 - I just read about them in the article, and they proved to be quite good. Some of these services and blogs are better than others, but they **all **helped me quite a bit. So, I now recommend them to you:

    1. Beautiful Pixels
    2. Android Niceties
    3. App Design Vault
    4. Inspired UI (my personal favorite)
    5. Android Patterns
    6. Redesign
    7. Creative Bloq

    You can read more about these sources and what they can do to you in this article.

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