• How to integrate post back api in my website? posted

    I am developing a website where user comes on my site and install the apps i.e. provided via appnext API.But how we track that each user complete the process i.e install the app or not?
    I want complete detail about about post back api therefore i will track each user install apps and will credit them accordingly.

  • @pearllike Hi,

    You can choose to receive up to 3 parameters in each Postback call:

    1. Postback parameter – any custom parameter
    2. Revenue – the CPI revenue generated for the install
    3. Package – the app package (available only for Android)

    In order to receive Postbacks, you should provide us with a Postback URL. The Postback URL is the endpoint at your server or third-party tracking service, to which we will be sending the Postback.
    The Postback URL should include the required parameters (postback parameter, revenue and package). You can set your own parameter names but make sure to mention to which supported parameters they are referring.

    Postback URL example:

    If you would like to setup a Postback, send a request to and make sure to include your details, a Postback URL and to specify which parameters would you like us to include.

    Director of Product, Appnext

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