• AppNext integration with Mobile App Tracking posted


    I created an App in the system, but I am having problems for adding the tracking.

    I work with Mobile App Tracking and I know the platform is working fine, because I tested the URL it generates. however, it seems there is paroblem with the postback URL and AppNext does not receive the callback after the installation and opening.

    Does anyone have the same problem?


  • try deleting and recreating the callback and measurement url. To test everything create a test profile. I have used MAT with appnext and it works fine.

  • @codigames for the postback, make sure it fires back our clickid parameter as received by MAT.

    I believe it should be:{ref_id}

    Another thing, make sure to test it using a test device so MAT will fire the install postback. Sometimes they don't for duplicated installs on the same device.

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