Appnext is overcharging me for my App Marketing Campaign, and despite multiple and repeated questions and expecting a proper answer for my questions, Appnext support doesnt have a acceptable answer for me or attempt to want to resolve my issues.

I have an app marketed with them and it has cost me ~$1300 to do app marketing with them, at a dollar a download. I specified specifically certain countries for my campaign but keep getting a ridiculous amount of Indonesian downloads, which is clearly a lot cheaper than $1 to acquire.

All they can reply me is that the download IP comes from the country I specified, but this does not explain why i have more indonesian downloads than the country i specified.

I also expect to have approx 1,300 additional downloads to my app by now, but now my app stands at 1,087 downloads, including the initial downloads I have had before I started using AppNext. So where did the missing 200 over downloads go? And why am I being charged for it despite not getting it in my Google Play account?

Attempting to get AppNext to help resolve the issue just gets a reply for them asking me to ask AppsFlyer why the data is like that. You guys are the ones charging me no? Why should I be going out there to ask the tracking company why am I being overcharged?

In conclusion, do not use AppNext, they are dishonest and refused to address the issues I am facing, just prefer to reply ambiguous replies and expecting me to check with a third party for their issues.