• What this error means "Response error {"rnd": [{"cb":"81"}]}" posted

    i am getting this error continuously please help me to sort out this problem.
    i was getting the ads before but when i changed the package name of my app it start giving this error.

    i have created a new app in dashboard and the new placement id too but not worked.
    please help me waiting for your response.

  • @turbomotorspeed I got the same error , did you find a solution ?

  • No Appnext technical support ?!

  • @turbomotorspeed
    Just to summarize our conversation from a few days ago:
    This error means that by the time of the call to Appnext servers there are no available ads to match your settings (GEO, categories, etc.).
    I've tested your placementsID using different GEOs and there are many available offers.

  • @Ziv-|-Appnext2 Thank you for the clarification

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