• My account has been terminated. posted

    My account has been terminated.
    The reason for termination: violation of the Terms and Conditions platform.

    I've read the policy to account termination as denoted in Section 7 of Appnext T & C and I do not violate these policies. These all have something goes wrong, I hope the APPNEXT reconsider.

  • @ritadriani Your account has been blocked because our fraud team detected that the installs made from your ads did not come from real users. This, together with your results and a report that showed there was no post-engagment from these installs, made us to make this decision.

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  • @Appnext---Jonathan If my team appnext detect fraud. I'm history results appnext team who consider me to commit fraud. I was not to commit fraud. I worked hard to promote my website to all your social media and SEO. please consider

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