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    Hi, I'm new here, the minute I connected my paypal account I was charged by 20$ without doing anything. How come? Thanks

  • @gabryk Are yoo sure you were charged by Appnext? did you try to upload a new campaign?

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  • @Appnext---Jonathan Hi, yes, I was charged 4 times 5$ for a 20$ total. This happened the minute I connected my paypal account, without given express consent for starting a campaign or anything else. I just thought that it was requested for receiving ads income and it's not clearly stated otherwise. This was a pretty unpleasant surprise, so for the moment I'd like to have my money back.

  • @gabryk Hi, I apologize for the inconvenience. Usually we charge new advertisers 5$, to confirm their PayPal is working fine, however that day we had bug and thus you were charged 4 times. Obviously we have credited your account for the full sum and you can use in for your campaign, yet if you would prefer to get a refund, that is also possible. Please advise your account info and I will make sure our financial dep. will take care of it. All the best,

  • @Emma-Raz2 Hi Emma, for now I prefer to get a refound, that at the moment I didn't received. Thanks

  • @gabryk can you please provide me with your account name and email? thanks

  • @Emma-Raz2 My paypal mail is"> my name is Gabriele Cozzolino

  • @gabryk your account has been refunded. Sorry again for the inconvenience

  • @Emma-Raz2 Hello, I was also charged incorrectly, however by $ 15, I've already contacted Paypal communicating the mistaken charge.

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