• Android SDK - NullPointerException posted

    Can you have a look at this please, I get crash reports with this stack trace:

    [STACK_TRACE] => java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.appnext.appnextsdk.DownloadService.onHandleIntent(
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    at android.os.Looper.loop(
  • @couch-dev

    Which monetization tool are you using?

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  • @Appnext---Jonathan
    Interstitial and Native, can´t tell from which of the SDKs the exception is coming from.

  • @couch-dev Sorry for the late reply. This will be fixed within the next few days.

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    | m: +972-52-3320008 | e: | Skype: yoni_raveh

  • @Appnext---Jonathan

    Change log
    New SDK version

    Is there an update for the native ads also coming in the next days?

    Changes to code added to the application tag

    What does this mean?

    Major performance improvements
    Enhanced device support
    Min' supported version is 4.0

    Which API level was the previous minimum? My app supports older API levels.

  • @Appnext---Jonathan
    Is there a migration guide? showBubble() and cacheAd() is not in the interface anymore.

  • @Appnext---Jonathan Oh and why is "Interstitial / Android" downloading "" (same as "Full-Screen Video SDK")?

  • @couch-dev We have already integrated both products into 1 SDK. We will also unite the integration docs in the near future.

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  • @Carmel-Zimroni2 ok great. What about showBubble() and cacheAd()? InterstitialManager knows INTERSTITIAL_VIDEO only, are the old static interstitials not available anymore?

  • @couch-dev in the new SDK we support 3 unit type:

    1. video interstitial
    2. full-screen video
    3. full-screen video with "rewarded" support

    We came to the conclusion that video converts better, generates higher eCPM and attract better users for our advertisers (because users finally know what they're about to install).

    In the following months we plan to add additional configuration options, to the interstitial unit, for showing static ads.
    The overall direction is to support 2 modes: video and static, but in a smart way - we will give priority to video, but in case the end-user is limited in bandwidth - we will show static ads instead. In some GEOs we will prefer showing static ads in case the user's internet speed is limited.

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