• new app for publishers posted

    I've developed an app for developers. It allows them to see the statistics and revenues easily from AppNext.

    I sent the previous email to ask AppNext for authorization to publish this application in GooglePlay because I'm using information from their website and I don't want to have problems with copyright, logos, images, data, etc.

    can Appnext give me their approval or tell me if there is anything I need to change before publishing it?

  • @TaRSyS3
    Unfortunately, we cannot authorize any 3rd party to get access to other developers' details (like username and password). Which is why we cannot approve this app.
    If you have any way to bypass this issue, feel free to email me and suggest an alternative.

    Director of Partnerships & Community, Appnext
    | m: +972-52-3320008 | e: | Skype: yoni_raveh

  • @Appnext---Jonathan thanks for your quick response, some weeks ago i've sent a full version of the apk to assaf for analyze if i can to publish it. But with your response... I am clear that I should not publish the app under any circumstances.


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