• Can't able to Turn Campaign ON posted

    Hi Team,

    We are new to this community.

    A month back we signed up advertiser account right now we would like to run few campaigns and see how it perform and give result for us. We have added payment section and auto approved recently to start after we tested the campaign and all.

    Once we tested the campaign, just made changes to campaign from Paused to Play status but it shows we need to add funds/complete the payment page. This one we did twice on our end can't able to Turn the campaign ON.

    Someone from Appnext side, please help us to get rid of this one to start our campaign ASAP?

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  • @ksms-digital-media

    My name is Emma Raz and I’m the Manager, user acquisition and sales at Appnext.

    I will be delighted to assist you get started and answer any question you may have regarding our services

    I have reviewed your account, the reason the funds is still pending is because we have noticed an irregularity with your tracking, as it's not leading directly to the store as it should. Once we resolve this issue you will be able to proceed forward with your campaign.

    Furthermore, I advise that we schedule a skype (emma_raz) call to go over the details together
    All the best,

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