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    I'm planning on creating a cpi campaign for an app but I only see the option to choose a target country. What If I wanted to target specific cities or carrier, like "United States, New York, AT&T"? Also, I don't understand how your systems works: how do I know if my campaign is going to be served, if you're going to give me impression? And how often?

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  • @games4you Hi and sorry for the delayed response.

    First of all - you can only target countries, not cities.
    As for launching the campaign - that is something you will find out once the campaigns goes live, and our ad server optimizes it against all the other campaigns in our system. If it meets our requirements, it will be served at least a minimal amount of impressions to evaluate its performance.
    As for the viewing the results, you are able to see them 24/7 in your dashboard.

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