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    So I was testing integrating the api into our app so that we could style the ads to match the surrounding content. I clicked on one of the ads and it redirected me to porn...

    What's going on? That's pretty sketchy. This app is for people of all ages and I do not want my users to be redirected to sketchy sites or adult content.

  • @kaleidos-llc This is a very serious matter, thank you for alerting us.
    It seems that someone treid to commit fraud using our platfrom. At any case, we are not promoting anything other than mobile apps that appear on Google Play or Apple's Appstore.
    That specific advertiser account has been marked, blocked and the campaign has been removed. My apologies for this event, I can ssure you it is extremly rare.

    Any more question about this issue - contact me at or on Skype (yoni_raveh).

    Director of Partnerships & Community, Appnext
    | m: +972-52-3320008 | e: | Skype: yoni_raveh

  • @Appnext---Jonathan My concern is that even if this is rare, it will violate the terms of the Apple App store and Google Play store. Displaying an ad that redirects to adult content could result in our application and account removed and banned from future releases.

    I tested approximately 20 of your ads and 10-20% of those redirect to non appstore pages. We had the same experience from another advertiser and left due to this. There must be some way Appnext can ensure the links we are redirecting our users to are legitimate appstore or google play store page.

    This would be very unfortunate to have to write a crawler to do this ourselves.

  • @kaleidos-llc
    First of all, you are in charge of your app and you business, so eventually the power is in your hands and any decision you make will be reasonable.
    The 10%-20% fraud ads you saw came form the same account. As we are only into apps, unlike some ad networks, this is a very rare incident. So rare, in fact, that this is the first time I've seen this kind of fraud. To this day, there is not a single developer who got his app banned from the Appstore of Google Play because of Appnext. Not even one. You can check it in developers forum or anywhere else.

    As for what you suggested -
    A camaign cannot go live if the URL doesn't lead to the Appstore or Google Play. It's not possible. In this specific case, something else was done (I can elaborate in private), which we are wroking on to make sure cannot happen again. You definitely DON'T need to set up crawlers of your own.
    If I were in your place, I would test us for a week (not even live, just on the request basis), and see for yourself that these kind of events do not happen often, or hardly ever happen. There is no other way for you to trust us.

    Any more questions about this issue - feel free to contact me in private.

    Director of Partnerships & Community, Appnext
    | m: +972-52-3320008 | e: | Skype: yoni_raveh

  • @Appnext---Jonathan Thank you for your reply.
    This is understandable. After experiencing similar issues with other ad networks you can understand our hesitancy and concern. I will talk to my team and if we have any other questions I will contact you directly.

    Thank you for the information.

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