• Looking for mobile campaign in VN posted

    Im have 3,000.000 device target in Viet Nam traffic in app high retention rate, high KPI . I connect more 200app in VN from developer source.

    My traffic in VN just can promote game poker, app or tool/utility.

    App or tools.utility : retention rate 20% up to 80% depend on campaign.
    Game poker : retention rate 20% , users in app purchase 5% >>

  • @danieladprofessmedia3 We are looking for users in VN. What is your App ID? can you please send me an example of an app (in private or here)?
    If you're serving ads via Appnext, I'd be able to start buying from you once I have the details. Thanks.

  • @apphome my app id 107738 (Type Card, Casino, Tools)

    You can start buy but I need you set daily cap for me, I dont want see tracking redirect , all details (name of campaign, KPI+ retention rate requirement , you can private me)

  • @danieladprofessmedia3 HI i have camapign for vietnam $ 0.2 daily i need 1500 install .

  • @srpsroots@gmail.com8 Minimum bid is $0.3

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