• New to App Campaign. I absolutely don't have any idea how to run this. posted

    This is my first time using an ad network to promote my app. I'm not really a developer. more of a designer, so I hire people to create my app. I spent $500 on creating a simple app. and I want my ROI as fast as possible. I just want to promote my app in US. I don't have any idea about ad tracking. please tell me if I really need it.

    I've been trying to contact appnext support from other sites. So this is my last resort. guys please help me!

  • Hi,

    My name is Emma Raz and I’m the On-Boarding Account Manager at Appnext.
    For your question, yes you really do need tracking. A tracking system will tell you all the data about your campaign, including how many installations you have received. Thus, can't be omitted from the process.

    You have a few options in regards to choosing a tracking system:

    1. Using appnext free SDK- you are welcome to implement our SDK into your app. The implementation is quite simple and easy to do (please note this apply for Android based apps only)
    2. 3rd party- appnext is integrated with all the big players in the market, such as MAT, Hasoffers, Adjust est. Hence, if you are already working with a tracking system you only need to generate a dedicated tracking link for appnext in their system and set our postback
    3. S2S (Server to Server)- you can have your server report directly to our server

    I hope the above answers your questions. In any case you are welcome to contact me via skype (emma_raz) and I will do my best to answer any question you may have

    All the best,

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