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    My app opens an internal browser window and we are using Tags For Websites to display Appnext ads. When a user taps on the ad to install the ad on an iOS device it does not open the appstore. When we type in the web page directly in safari on an ipad the ads load and when we tap on the ad it goes to the appstore listing for the app correctly. how can we bypass what appears to be code inside our app that blocks opening the appstore.

  • Hi Kandy,

    The tags for websites are intended to be used in websites, not in Apps.
    From what we know, some publishers were able to load these tags on Apps, but this option is not supported.
    I suggest you use the SDK or API.
    If you are still interested in using the tags, please send us an APK, which we can debug, to


    Director of Product, Appnext

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