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    I am new to the concept of CPI . I see that CPI for some ads is 1.56 . In my reports I see that the number of impressions is 10 , but the earnings are $0 , whereas according to my understanding of cpi, the earnings should be $15.6 ( 1.56 * 10 ) . The number of installs is shown to be zero though . Please let me know if I am getting it wrong .

  • CPI means cost per install it has nothing to do with how many impression it is making
    CPI networks works on the installs

    insted of 10 impressions if it is 10 downloads then it would have shown revenue more than $15

  • Thanks for the reply . Now i understand the concept . After a few hours my account was updated with revenue based on the number of installs .

    Is it important for the app to be OPENED as well after installing ?

  • @rajatgupta431 yes. An advertiser always pays for the installation of an app that was opened at least once.

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