• A spectacular example of another fashion brand going mobile with UnderArmour's acquisition of Endomondo Sports Tracker and MyFitnessPal for $560M posted
    What are you projections of the trend? Shall we expect car brands acquire race apps?

  • @habrahabr very interesting developement, thanks for sharing!

    I don't know about race apps, but I definitely see a situation where car brands buy app development companies that have any type of relevance to the car industry. And I don't think the Automobile industry is he only segment you'll see that.
    I see major food brands buying health apps, cooking apps, recipe apps etc.
    I see IKEA or other home furniture companies buying home design apps. The most successful and professional apps will be bought, this trend will happen acros the board.

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  • Wow, what a crzay puchase!

    I agree with Jonathan. We will be seeing many more examples like this one. But it will only be for the very top performing apps, or the ones with extra-ordinary technology.

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