• 8 marketing trends for mobile games! posted

    Very nice article on VB. Summary of the leading trends for 2015:

    1. Greater focus on video

    2. Stronger focus on social integration

    3. Major global names partnering with locals for better reach
      small meets big, in plain words.

    4. A shift in traditional advertisement attributes
      Incent traffic, ad filtering, native ads, localization.

    5. Hitting app store ranks is harder than ever

    6. More focused and rigorous drive of monetization
      I like that :-)

    7. Enhanced user control on advertisements
      Still don't understasnd how it will be done.

    8. Targeting specific users
      Now that would be interesting.

    Full article here:

  • Most definitely agree with this. BTW, what about video: here's an interesting article "How to make videos for games". It will be useful both to anyone who is trying to produce video independently and to developers who are outsourcing creation of video for their games.

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